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We love what we do at Kimteriors. We love the people we work with, clients and colleagues. We are passionate about the pieces we make, the homes we work with and the people who live in them. This isn't a job, this is a passion, we never stop creating; always hunting out the perfect piece, the next design trend or simply gathering inspiration for our next project. Kimteriors know that every project is individual, everybody is different and every piece, room, or home brings new ideas and opportunities. Therefore, here at Kimteriors, every project we complete is different. We don’t copy a style, we prefer to introduce new ideas to every project. We love the idea of combing styles, brought together in a cohesive design…with that quirky touch! Kimteriors love the mix of old and new, we see the end of something as the start of something new.  We are creative and imaginative with our designs and love creating new pieces and new spaces. Kimteriors produce styles, textures, lighting and design ideas to make your home the wonderful place you want it to be. At Kimteriors there is no such thing as waste, just wasted potential.