What is PaintStock?

PaintStock was created in 2019 to bring like minded people together in order to cement existing relationships while building connections and friendships within the Upcycling community.
It has long been established that community over competition is the key to success in many businesses.

We feel that by bringing the industry together, supporting one another and forming new bonds is the ultimate way to elevate the Upcycling community and grow the community mindset.
PaintStock started off as a small event (50 people from a growing Facebook group) and after the event we soon realised there was a demand to open it up to a wider audience. There is a vast array of talent, styles, abilities and people at different stages of their career who we want to bring together to enjoy a celebration of our incredible upcycling world.

This year is extra special as due to lockdown in 2020 we had to postpone for 2 years, so please join us as we come together once again after a long hiatus!

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